Can not complete the backup process: not enough space in /var/log/CPbackup/backups

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Checkpoint Firewall Troubleshooting:

 Local Backup has failed.
 Can not complete the backup process: not enough space in /var/log/CPbackup/backups.
 Backup Operation failed.


To Download Complete Troubleshooting  steps with pictorial representation in pdf  click on below link:

  Step1: Have you try to take backup after delete old backup files?
  Still facing same error.  Go to next step

 Step 2: Login to CLI and go to expert mode.  Check how many backup file are there. As I see I have two  backup file in cd/var/log/CPbackup/backups directory and with the help of command df-kh, my disk space  is showing full in /var/log directory.
 How it is possible even I have only two backup file?

 “Some time my gateway not able to push gateway logs to the management server due to less  space in  management server. So it store all log files on itself in directory /var/log/opt/CPsuit-  R77/fw1/log so we have  to delete these files from there.”

Step3:  Before going to delete all these log file from the directory, save all of them in your pc and then cut and paste in management server. This all can be done through Winscp so to login in winscp we have to create a user with shell /bin/bash and Admin role.

Step4:  After deleting all these log file, now check the disk space in /var/log directory.  It is now more then enough.

Step 5: Now try to take backup once again. I hope you are now able to take your backup successfully.

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