Unable to Connect to Server Checkpoint R80

Unable to Connect to Server

A connection to the management server will fail if:
  • A firewall between SmartConsole and the management server blocks Port 19009 - port 19009 is used for a new R80 service. Allow traffic on this port for all clients and management servers.
  • No GUI clients are assigned - Open the Gaia Portal.
    • If the First Time Configuration Wizard opens, complete it.
    • If the First Time Configuration Wizard has already run, open User Management > GUI Clients and add a client.
      When using Multi-Domain Security Management, connect SmartConsole to the Multi-Domain Server and make sure the domains have GUI clients assigned to them.
  • The required processes are not reachable - Make sure the computer with SmartConsole installed can reach the IP address of the management server, and that these server processes are up and running:
    • cpm
    • fwm
  • Operation time out – Your connection to the management (cloud demo or network server) might be slow or blocked. Check network settings, and try again.


  1. is not working due database connection error ...
    or management configuration is not working properly ...

  2. Hi There,

    I am facing the same problem.

    I did uninstall and re-install the management servers so many times, but every time I am getting the same problem on smart console for "unable to connect to server", please suggest how to resolve this issue, on checkpoint website forums, they are not showing all the details to resolve the issue.

    Whatever I found on google in my search, I have tried mostly everything.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Team,

      can i get any help on this issue.

  3. I was also facing same issue. I increased the processor 2 & core processor 4... also increased the RAM 4GB... Now its bit slow but I am able to get it.... I am running with 8GB RAM on my laptop.. I believe you should try with this once..

    Let me know otherwise

  4. I do have the same problem.
    Tried almost everything but no success.
    Unable to connect server error

  5. I have the sama problem, after update the apliance 5400 from r77.30 to r80.10.
    Can I help me ?
    my email: edikoston@gmail.com

  6. For Beginners its very Irritating. So here is my observation.
    Its purer certificate issue form checkpoint, as they are not allowing use the R.XX version. Try doing the below still fail.
    1. Change system and Gaia CLI date change to 1 year back= Not working
    2. Done the above solution of adding host, Failed
    3. If we do 1 year back date, it will login but gives error as License expired.
    4. Tried increasing RAM to 4 GB and Core to 2. Still Failed.
    5. Finally, i Installed R70.30 version (http://dl3.checkpoint.com/paid/12/122a5af2d7ea1e0ac5d1d96f174e5d91/Check_Point_R77.30_3000_5000_15000_23000_Sandblast_Appliances_T22.iso?HashKey=1552245086_ab1b8fc2bf4be8660a706b5235aca464&xtn=.iso )

    6. It worked with normal H/W and No date change is required. Im feeling happy.

    1. R80.XX is not allwing by checkpoint. Its my observation. If any one finds solutions please reply me.

  7. i also not able to connect smart console in CP (one more thing is i have installed security and management server both in single VM so is it problematic or not give me the answer cause i want to install it anyhow)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I am facing the same problem. Please help me......


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