Connection cannot be initiated. Make sure server is up and running" error in SmartDashboard

"Connection cannot be initiated. Make sure server is up and running" error in SmartDashboard

  • SmartDashboard fails to connect to the Security Management server.
  • "Connection cannot be initiated. Make sure that the Server '<Security Management IP address>' is up and running" error message is displayed when attempting to log in to SmartDashboard.
Possible Reasons:
  1. GUI Client is not properly configured in the cpconfig menu on Security Management Server.
  2. TCP port 18190 (R77.x) and 19009 (R80.x)  is blocked between the GUI Client and Security Management Server.
  3. The Security Management Server blocks GUI client connections.
  4. The database became corrupted as a result of filled up Disk Space. Specifically, a corruption in one of the NDB database files in $FWDIR/conf - it has grown to an extremely large size.
  5. Database corruption caused by filling up disk space in /var/log partition.
  6. CPWatchDog or Services are not working. 


      Just Clik on Below video link to see how to troubleshoot this issue. 

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  1. I am trying to to connect my smart console but facing same issue ..
    Here I want to know is that complusary to install this ??
    Can we work without smart console installation??

    1. Yes it is necessary to install smart console to work with CP firewall. If you face this issue again then i recommend you to install R80 ios image for checkpoint;.

    2. according to your last video for connection error smart dashboard i did my lapi time one year back to run this and its worked but i am unable to access internet so any solution with R80 smart console or version file or crack etc

    3. I am getting below error while connecting to smart console.
      "Unable to connect to server. Please make sure that all processes of the server are up and running" I have reinstalled MGMT, Gateway R80 server and smart console 2-3 times but getting same error. After putting credentials and IP address of MGMT server in smart console it shows me fingerprint code and then i am getting above error. Please suggest.

  2. i am facing issue when i ping from console pc to management server.
    i am using vmware workstation and console pc and management is in same network vmnet1 and from my management server i can ping to console pc.
    Can you suggest me some more troubleshooting step?


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