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CheckPoint Firewall Interview Question Part 5

Interview Question
I would like to cover some important and frequently asked Q&A in this Page. You all are also invited to share your replies and suggestions. I hope this page will be useful for all the Network and Network Security Domain Students, Job-Seekers, Professionals, Trainers, etc.
Q.1      What is Checkpoint Architecture? 
Check Point has developed a Unified Security Architecture that is implemented throughout all of its security products. This Unified Security Architecture enables all Check Point products to be managed and monitored from a single administrative console and provides a consistent level of security. 
The Check Point Unified Security Architecture is comprised of four main components:
Core Technologies: - Check Point uses a common set of core technologies, such as INSPECT for security inspection, across multiple layers of security.
Central Management: - All Check Point products can be managed and monitored from a single administrative console.
Open Archit…