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Very Useful Command to remember in Checkpoint Firewall

Check Point 1140 Command Line Interface (CLI) Just a random day trying out the CLI on my Check Point 1140. The Check Point 1100 and 600 appliance CLI Reference Guide can be found here.

1140-Gateway> show software-version
This is Check Point's 1100 Appliance R77.20.11 - Build 471

1140-Gateway> fw ver -k
This is Check Point's 1100 Appliance R77.20.11 - Build 471
kernel: R77.20.11 - Build 383

1140-Gateway> show diag

Current system info
Image name: R77_990171471_20_11
Image version: 471
Bootloader version: 983002045
HW MAC Address: 00:1C:7F:2F:93:E8
LAN1 MAC Address: 00:1C:7F:2F:93:E9
LAN2 MAC Address: 00:1C:7F:2F:93:EA
LAN3 MAC Address: 00:1C:7F:2F:93:EB
LAN4 MAC Address: 00:1C:7F:2F:93:EC
LAN5 MAC Address: 00:1C:7F:2F:93:ED
LAN6 MAC Address: 00:1C:7F:2F:93:EE
LAN7 MAC Address: 00:1C:7F:2F:93:EF
LAN8 MAC Address: 00:1C:7F:2F:93:F0
DMZ MAC Address: 00:1C:7F:2F:93:F1
DSL MAC Address: A0:00:00:00:00:00
Wireless region: 5
DSL Firmware: …